Pyrite (Iron Sulphur - FeS2)

Pyrite (iron Sulphur - FeS2),formulated as FeS2 and, crystallized iron sulphur in cubic system. Specific weight of pyrite changes between 5-5,02 and its heaardness changes between 6-6,5. Pyrite crystals are bright as metal. It is electrically conductive and when warmed up, it produces low electric flow. At the end of being burned, it gives off sulphur dioxide, therefore it is used for producing sulphuric acid. It is founded in sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks.

We export high grade (Fe: 40-44%, S: 45-50%) pyrite ore produced at our Dursunbey Plant to Europe and far east customers. Depending on the customer demand, product range between 5 mm and 200 is available.





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